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Sunday, 7 April 2013

Digital Literacy for the Elderly

Yesterday I got chatting with a group of ostensibly older men about their passion for Engineering. Inevitably the conversation moved to the internet and one very interesting point was brought to my attention.

  • Less than half of the Engineers in the group have or use email.
I was amazed. It just hadn't occurred to me that the advanced years of this group would roughly equate to a degree of isolation, at least from the internet perspective.
I guess the thing that really came home for me was the need to train as many of the "Silent Generation" and the "Baby Boomers" as possible and are willing, to connect with each other and loved ones via the internet.

The Engineers went on to indicate that learning the internet was out of the question, too much, too late and so on. But I have to disagree. These guys are so capable. They can rescue an old piece of rusting iron from beyond the black stump, and work away at it until it purrs like a kitten. Anyone that can do that, can learn to send an email. In about 30 minutes I reckon. In my humble opinion. #ndyvcc

Tuesday, 5 March 2013

Bored with Gmail Appearance?

Sometimes I stare at Gmail for long periods it really does get tedious. Maybe I need to get a life. There is some truth in that.
Alternatively, I can change Gmail themes. Its kind of fun and easy to do. When the weather is a bit overcast, I dip into themes and select a brighter theme. Or I just jazz up the appearance just for the hell of it.
Whatever your motivation, if you'd like to know how to change the appearance of your Gmail, follow the steps in this video I hammered together, and I hope it helps you.