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Sunday, 29 March 2020

How to save photos from the Internet

You can save a photo from the internet. All we need to do is once we found the photo, we just click on the photo, in this case, to open the article. And when we scroll down until we find the photo, we then do a right mouse click on the photo, we click on save image as, and then we direct this to photo. In this case, to wherever you want it on your computer. In this case, it's going to my desktop. It's already got a title, it will be saved as a JPEG and we click on save. So make sure you contact the copyright owner of the photo and get their permission before you reuse the photo.

Sunday, 22 March 2020

How to Cut and Paste Photos on Laptop

To cut your paste a single image from one Folder to another, all we need to do is right-click on the photo, and cut. Then come across to our destination file on the right, right-click and paste. Now let's say we want to move multiple photos, in this case, so we click and hold the mouse and we wipe across the two photos, anywhere on the blue, the highlighted part of the photo we right-click and cut. Right-click into the folder on the right which is the destination we right-click and paste

Wednesday, 12 February 2020

How to Connect via Wireless to your HP Deskjet 2620 All in One Printer for PC or Laptop

To connect wirelessly to our printer we come down and click on the HP smart app, click on the plus key and we want to add another printer. You can see it's found the two printers I have the one on the left is the one we want to connect to, so we'll click on it. We will skip this for now (Enjoy HP Account Benefits), just pop in your postal code depending on me live and apart from being out of paper which is easily fixed the printers now connected so it's ready to go with plenty of ink in the cartridges and we can begin using the printer. So that's how to connect wirelessly to your new HP Deskjet 2600 printer.

Wednesday, 5 February 2020

How to Connect HP Deskjet 2600 Printer to Wireless Network

So we start by opening the HP Smart app to see if we can find our printer. You can see it's not listed on the list of the top there, so let's jump out of this and go back to the settings menu, tap on wireless tap on wifi, and you can see a printer listed there, the HP 2600 so let's tap on it and pop in the password 12345678 and click on connect, and now we're connected. So again this jump out of the settings menu, and go back to the HP Smart (app) now we click on connect and there's our printer so we tap on our printer and there it is connected even though it is no paper in the printer but it's ready to go, plenty of ink and that's how we connect via our phone to our new printer.

Wednesday, 29 January 2020

Gmail Schedule Email

So we've got our email ready to go. Rather than clicking the send button we click on this arrow next to it. We click on schedule send and pick one of these days depending on what we want: tomorrow morning, tomorrow afternoon or Monday morning, or we come down to the select date and time and we click on the date that you want, and then the time, and then we can just type in the time that we want. As soon as we click on schedule send it will then be loaded up and will be sent on that date and time as selected.

Wednesday, 22 January 2020

Voice to Text Email

First, open Gmail and hit the compose button. Complete the email in the usual way with recipients' address and subject. Now we jump down to the body of the email. Tap on the microphone, and begin speaking your email in as clear a voice as you can. Once you have finished the email, you can send it by tapping the send button.

Wednesday, 15 January 2020

How to Connect HP Deskjet 2620 Printer to Computer

So we've got our HP Deskjet 2620 printer switched on and connected via USB cable to a windows 10 laptop or desktop computer, we come down to the start button and then click on the Microsoft store. We come up to the search button, and we type in HP smart, and there's the app there so we click on the app, and then we click on install. Now at this point they're going to ask you to set up an account, you don't have to do it we can just ignore that which is close that off, and several seconds from now would be installed. Here it is downloading. It's now downloaded installed so we can click on launch and get started. Agree to their terms and conditions make sure you read them through. I am going to add a printer so we click on add a printer, so it's now looking for our newly acquired printer. Set up a new printer. I'm going to continue with the ethernet which is a USB cable. ok, so it's finally found our new printer here. To to make it find it I had to unplug the USB cable and plug it back in and so now we can proceed you can see it's his online so we can click and if that's correct so is your printer so we go continue. Connected via USB which is our cable so we go continue. I'll put some paper and there's a little video where you can play if you're not sure how to put the paper in but will slide that paper in close the gate a little bit there we go, and now we can continue. Put in your postal code for where ever you happen to live. You don't have to go through this registration process either. It will kick you into their HP registration website you don't have to do it but you can register your product if you're worried about claiming on warranty at a later stage. Were all ready to go you can see there's a printer there with a tick or a checkmark as they say in America so we can go "not now" and there's the main menu which you can see now the printers ignore she's been connected there's plenty of gas in the tank as far as their cartridges are concerned and it's his get supplies, smart tasks, scan, print, etc you're ready to go and you can do with you wish from here on in

Wednesday, 8 January 2020

How to Scan a Document with your HP 2620 Deskjet Printer Scanner

We come down and click on our HP smart app and we've got our document lying on top of the scanner with the lid down and we click on scan. We will then click on scan. So there it is scanned, we will come up to the edit button here, and we'll rotate with two clicks 1, 2 and then will apply. We've got PDF selected so it will be saved as a PDF document and then click on the Save button. We will pop it on the desktop I want just call that HP brochure and it will be saved as a PDF, in this case, to the desktop and we click on save. All we need to do, its here, HP Brochure, we just double click on it, and there we can see her our brochure scanned and we can download or print will do whatever we want to do with it.

Wednesday, 1 January 2020

How to Scan a Photo with your HP 2620 Deskjet Printer Scanner

Lets open the HP smart app, you click on scan. We change it from document to photo, make sure this is colour, and then we click on scan. There is our photo so we come up and click on edit, and let's rotate 1, 2. Let's crop it down, we just pull down on the circle there, crop it in, and apply and we just click on save. I can save it to the desktop so it's easier to find. we click on save. We can close the app now. Here's a photo and there it is done a nice job of scanning it.

Wednesday, 28 May 2014

How to customise your Facebook Page URL

Its sometimes an advantage to change the URL (which means Unique Address) of a Facebook page to include some key words from the business or service you offer. For example you may have a band, and you may want to include the name of the band in the URL to make it easier for you potential audience to find you and enjoy your music. For the purpose of this blog post, I will show you the steps to personalise the URL in this case for a Facebook page where I post "Long Exposure Photographs", a particular type of photography.

Step 1.
Open Facebook. Click to open the Page that your administer.
Step 2. 
Click on Edit Page 
Step 3.
Click on Page Info
Step 4.
Click on Enter A Facebook Web Address
Step 5
Click on Create a web address for this page?
Step 6
Type your chosen URL here. I first tried LongExposurePhotography without spaces.
Step 7
Longexposurephotography has already been taken, so I changed it to longexposurephotographs and that was available. 

Step 8
You will get a warning to let you know this is a locked-in situation and cant be changed back.
Step 9
Finally its done and you will get confirmation of the new name for your Facebook page.

And that's in. You can them email the URL to your fans, or include in in your website for fans or clients to click on. Good luck.

Wednesday, 24 April 2013

How to use Google Search like a Professional

How to use Google search like a professional user
This video will give you six tools that will help to increase the accuracy of your searches and reduce your time invested in searching. They are:
1. Phrase Search. Learning to include quotes before and after our search phrase forces Google to return the exact phrase were searching for.
2. Searching a website using Google. We can search any website from Google search using the following format. Irag
3. Terms you want ton exclude (-) We can force Google to exclude terms that are usually associated, should that association cloud our search results. Cats and dogs are generally associated, but if we want information about cats, and want nothing about dogs, we can put a minus sign hard up against the dogs search term, and this will cause/force Google to ignore everything associated with dogs.Cool ha?
4. The OR Operator. If we want a range of information about a subject from 2 distinct periods, we can use the OR separator to define what we want, and when we want it from.
5. Search and Phone Numbers. Google is a great way to get further concerning phone numbers. If you need to know more information about a company, search their phone number and see what comes back.
6. The Wildcard * If we can only partially recall some facts or a quote, we can enter into Google Search as much as we can remember. Where we cant recall information, we can type a wildcard and then commence the search. Google will use their reach to fill in the blanks, or in this case the wildcard. We can use multiple wildcards if necessary.
Thanks for watching. #ndyvcc

Tuesday, 5 March 2013

Bored with Gmail Appearance?

Sometimes I stare at Gmail for long periods it really does get tedious. Maybe I need to get a life. There is some truth in that.
Alternatively, I can change Gmail themes. Its kind of fun and easy to do. When the weather is a bit overcast, I dip into themes and select a brighter theme. Or I just jazz up the appearance just for the hell of it.
Whatever your motivation, if you'd like to know how to change the appearance of your Gmail, follow the steps in this video I hammered together, and I hope it helps you. 

Tuesday, 26 February 2013

How to use Gmail Labs

Whilst Gmail Labs don't represent mainline tools and certainly aren't necessary for everyday email service, its worth knowing about them. I maybe head over to Labs maybe once a month and scroll through to see if they have been updated. I use several all the time, such as Insert Picture, and the one that gives a larger set of emoticons. This video will show you how to find and engage them.
If you have any questions, you know what to do.

Wednesday, 5 December 2012

How to Defrag your Hard Drive (and speed up your Computer)

Easily the most common statement I hear as a Trainer is "my computer is getting slower, what should I do?". By far and away the most effective step is to defrag your hard drive. But there's more to it than that. It really should be done weekly (defragging that is), as regular as taking out the garbage once a week. So, watch the video and have a go. You will be surprised at the difference and how much faster your computer will be. Please subscribe to my channel if you'd like more tips like this one.