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Saturday, 15 February 2014

Thank God for YouTube

I don't know about you but I find the quality of free to air TV getting worse by the day. The means by which they try to attract our viewership are trending more base, more dumb, and in some ways more insulting. Like I'm going to watch a show simply because the participants cant stand up (due to a tilting floor). They must think I'm stupid to find this scenario attractive.

The network executives seem complacent and smug that all will remain the same and people will continue to worship the manure daily dumped on us from St Kilda suites afar.

The alternatives to traditional TV grow by the day. I'm so taken by YouTube. Recently I missed a TV show, and there was no Iview by which to catch up. So a quick search at YouTube, and there it was, the full uninterrupted version, no ads, on demand when I was ready. More and more I find myself getting content from YouTube and there are some excellent channels available with high quality documentaries, news and so on.

I'm old enough to remember the birth of TV, and all the ensuing excitement. But I have slowly watched it diminish itself with cheap tricks and bawdy leering nonsense. Even today in the face of fierce above mentioned competition, I still have to subject myself to 22 minutes per hour of advertisements just so I can watch the show.

Case in point. Today's offering (15th February 2014) from 7Two 8:30 pm I can take in "A Touch of Frost-Care and Protection". Total running time via TV is 130 minutes.

Now I jump over to YouTube, search for the same program and episode and there it is, total running time only 100 minutes. So I can waste 30 minutes of my life on 7Two tonight doing what the good Executives at 7 want me to do, or I can dine at YouTube and not put up with 30 minutes of ads. Life is too short to put up with sort of rubbish. I'm amazed the advertisers haven't moved their dollars. I believe its trending that way already.

I for one will not be sad to see the demise of traditional TV. I'm daily voting with my mouse, and acquire maybe 15% of my viewing from free to air TV, the rest from YouTube, Vimeo and so on. In fact I look forward to the death of old style TV. I will be throwing a party that day. #ndyvcc