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Wednesday, 28 May 2014

How to customise your Facebook Page URL

Its sometimes an advantage to change the URL (which means Unique Address) of a Facebook page to include some key words from the business or service you offer. For example you may have a band, and you may want to include the name of the band in the URL to make it easier for you potential audience to find you and enjoy your music. For the purpose of this blog post, I will show you the steps to personalise the URL in this case for a Facebook page where I post "Long Exposure Photographs", a particular type of photography.

Step 1.
Open Facebook. Click to open the Page that your administer.
Step 2. 
Click on Edit Page 
Step 3.
Click on Page Info
Step 4.
Click on Enter A Facebook Web Address
Step 5
Click on Create a web address for this page?
Step 6
Type your chosen URL here. I first tried LongExposurePhotography without spaces.
Step 7
Longexposurephotography has already been taken, so I changed it to longexposurephotographs and that was available. 

Step 8
You will get a warning to let you know this is a locked-in situation and cant be changed back.
Step 9
Finally its done and you will get confirmation of the new name for your Facebook page.

And that's in. You can them email the URL to your fans, or include in in your website for fans or clients to click on. Good luck.

Monday, 17 February 2014

Using YouTube to solve problems

Recently on Facebook I noticed a woman complaining, quite rightly about a strange vehicle cruising and appearing at odd hours in her street, and she was asking the question on Facebook: Has anyone else seen this vehicle and does anyone know the person? A good use of social media I reckon. I didn't follow the conversation but here is a solution.

Grab your Smart phone, and as he cruises past, take a video and try to get the licence plate in the picture. (Australian Copyright Law entitles you to take videos in the Public domain without hindrance)                                                                                                                                    

Get on the internet, make your way to YouTube, and click the upload button.

Now click on the big upward arrow and upload your video.

Once your video is uploaded, change the privacy settings to Private, and then forget about it. Should anything untoward happen, you can then broadcast your evidence and the Police will have a good chance of apprehending the culprit.

There are many novel uses of the internet resources, and maybe peace of mind should be one of them.

If your not sure how to upload, watch this video I made last year and that should help you through.

Tuesday, 27 August 2013

"Facebook for Small Business" 3 hour workshop this Thursday the 29th

If anyone is interested I'm doing a 3 hour workshop this Thursday titled "#Facebook for small business" at Mt Evelyn. It goes from 1 to 4 pm and will be a combination of information and action. Call Vanessa today on 03 9736 1457 and book your seat. #ndyvcc