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Tuesday, 20 January 2015

Thursday, 16 October 2014

How to add a password to your computer user account for Windows 7 (PC)

In a recent class, one student mentioned that his browser has now remembered his online banking identity and password combination. He was concerned that anyone could access his bank account if they happened to be using his computer. He didn't realise that his Windows 7 computer could be password protected, and that he could still enjoy internet banking in a secure fashion. To help him put the password in place, I created the following slide show which sets out the steps.
I've put the slide show below. Feel free to go through it so at least you know how to do it too. Make sure you watch the slide show in full screen. It will be easier to follow.

How to add a password to your computer user account for Windows 7 (PC)

Monday, 14 April 2014

Allintitle Google Search Operator

If your tired of being overwhelmed with information back from Google each time you search for content, this video will show you how to narrow down the amount of information thats returned to you. Specifically this video will force Google to find only those web sites that have the specific terms your looking for in the title of the webpage. You will see in the demonstration that I do how you can reduce the amount of information using this tip to just get what you want. Happy searching.

Sunday, 9 March 2014

Computer classes now available on YouTube

I've made the decision to video all my classes so that the students can watch at home and reinforce their learning without the pressure of being in class. This is the first set of teachings I've released publicly. I first started using Excel even before it was called Excel. That was in 1988 when it was known as Lotus 123. I used to manage several commercial high rise buildings I was responsible for back in the day. My then Boss thought I was crazy wanting to use the computer. The company only had the one computer, and of course there wasn't any internet. It just sat in the corner accumulating dust. Maybe there was some kudos factor I wasn't aware of. Anyhow we put the old girl to work and within a few months I had all the finances loaded and all the sheets linked.

If you are not sure what Excel is, its all about spreadsheets. You can use spreadsheets for household and business budgets, anything where there are numbers and more numbers. Its one of those programs I have enjoyed using over the years. To watch the class, click the video below, then click the "Play all" button.
Hope you find this useful. Let me know what you think. And please give the video the Thumbs-up. Ratings really help me a lot with YouTube. #ndyvcc

Tuesday, 27 August 2013

"Facebook for Small Business" 3 hour workshop this Thursday the 29th

If anyone is interested I'm doing a 3 hour workshop this Thursday titled "#Facebook for small business" at Mt Evelyn. It goes from 1 to 4 pm and will be a combination of information and action. Call Vanessa today on 03 9736 1457 and book your seat. #ndyvcc

Sunday, 7 April 2013

Digital Literacy for the Elderly

Yesterday I got chatting with a group of ostensibly older men about their passion for Engineering. Inevitably the conversation moved to the internet and one very interesting point was brought to my attention.

  • Less than half of the Engineers in the group have or use email.
I was amazed. It just hadn't occurred to me that the advanced years of this group would roughly equate to a degree of isolation, at least from the internet perspective.
I guess the thing that really came home for me was the need to train as many of the "Silent Generation" and the "Baby Boomers" as possible and are willing, to connect with each other and loved ones via the internet.

The Engineers went on to indicate that learning the internet was out of the question, too much, too late and so on. But I have to disagree. These guys are so capable. They can rescue an old piece of rusting iron from beyond the black stump, and work away at it until it purrs like a kitten. Anyone that can do that, can learn to send an email. In about 30 minutes I reckon. In my humble opinion. #ndyvcc

Wednesday, 14 September 2011

The Joy of Training Adults

I always feel very lucky to training older computer users how to get the best from their computer & the internet. In many its like working with young children. Their response to those "ah ha" moments is no different that a child finding its mouth for the first time and the ensuing pleasure.

Today we learnt how to set up a blog and contribute to it. The questions were great, and the outcomes very satisfying. Only difference I can see is that adults are able to quickly capitalise on their new found skills.

I think the discussion on Ad Sense opened eyes to potential future income. Its at moments like these that the implications for the spread of the internet and its impact on business via programs like Ad sense and we can see what a different world we live in.

The blog the group set up is a private one, and the content is all over the place. But hey, who cares. Theyre blogging and feeling confident of their skills. Ticks all round.

Signing off from a mild Healesville evening, Nigel.