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Friday, 2 November 2012

Never miss another Gmail

Have you ever missed a Gmail because it was filtered off and buried someone in your collection of Gmails? 
For this tip to work you will need a Gmail shortcut on your bookmark bar, like this. 
Gmail have a tool called Labels. ie Inbox. all, spam, read, unread. Unread is the one that interests us. 
So type into your Gmail search box is colon unread and hit enter. This will list out all your current unread Gmail.
Now, copy the URL.
Next right click on your Gmail bookmark, and select edit.
Delete the current URL, and paste (Ctrl + V for Victor) the new URL and click save.
Now every time you click your Gmail bookmark, you will only get a list of your unread Gmails. 
If you need to see your inbox, then click inbox on the left.
How cool is that? You will never miss another unread Gmail again. This a great way of staying focused on whats important. Thanks for watching.