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Wednesday, 24 April 2013

How to use Google Search like a Professional

How to use Google search like a professional user
This video will give you six tools that will help to increase the accuracy of your searches and reduce your time invested in searching. They are:
1. Phrase Search. Learning to include quotes before and after our search phrase forces Google to return the exact phrase were searching for.
2. Searching a website using Google. We can search any website from Google search using the following format. Irag
3. Terms you want ton exclude (-) We can force Google to exclude terms that are usually associated, should that association cloud our search results. Cats and dogs are generally associated, but if we want information about cats, and want nothing about dogs, we can put a minus sign hard up against the dogs search term, and this will cause/force Google to ignore everything associated with dogs.Cool ha?
4. The OR Operator. If we want a range of information about a subject from 2 distinct periods, we can use the OR separator to define what we want, and when we want it from.
5. Search and Phone Numbers. Google is a great way to get further concerning phone numbers. If you need to know more information about a company, search their phone number and see what comes back.
6. The Wildcard * If we can only partially recall some facts or a quote, we can enter into Google Search as much as we can remember. Where we cant recall information, we can type a wildcard and then commence the search. Google will use their reach to fill in the blanks, or in this case the wildcard. We can use multiple wildcards if necessary.
Thanks for watching. #ndyvcc