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Friday, 21 March 2014

How to re-size your photos

Today in class I'm teaching the students how to re-size their photos ready for use else where. It occurs more and more that to complete a form or a job application on line, we need to submit a photo. Often the size and type of photo are specified and the application cant proceed without the photo(s) being submitted correctly. Personally I've had protracted problems with Paypal when submitting images to them Their submission process is very inflexible. So my intention is that this class will help the students cope with those moments.

You may not have heard but I'm now videoing all my classes and putting them on YouTube for anyone to watch, and hopefully learn. It takes me a few days to edit the video and upload it to YouTube, but generally within 2-3 days my classes are available on YouTube. So if you'd like to see this class, follow this Link sometime next week, and the class videos should be available.

If you'd like to watch the instructional video in the meantime, here it is. #ndyvcc