Conclusion of recent survey to Nigel’s Computer Students

Q1. What has been the highlight of the course for you so far?

  • all of the course. It has been great even though i missed some.i would like to do it all again maybe writing., spelling,writing letters.might be good
  • It has been a boost to my communication skills. I am able to in contact with South Africa, cope with the French speaking relatives in Tahiti, establish with relatives I never new existed in Mainland China and of course the ones in Thailand and Taiwan..It re established contacts in Australia.
  • Above all it has increased my ability to improve academically.
  • Gaining confidence in using a computer.
  • 1.  Being able to send an Email / Gmail with photos reduced to an appropriate size that others can receive without problems of resizing when it arrives
  • 2.  Being able to send information from files stored in the computer to the Gmail compose page and then off to customers Email / Gmail sites.
  • 3.  Becoming aware of how websites are not always user friendly, and how websites can be structured, not necessarily for 'good'.
  • learning how to use my computer and also include photo's
  • I really enjoyed the sessions on picasa, and on google docs.  But it was good to see so many varied things over the course of the year.  All in all I have enjoyed the classes that I have made it to!
Q2. What have you enjoyed most during the Computer course?
  • all of it
  • The interchange between the members on the course..I believe we have established a solid group including our teacher!
  • picasa
  • Everything!
  • Learning more about email.
  • Being able to interface with others during the session. As sometimes it's good to look over someone's shoulder and see it done. I know this is not the answer you are looking for, but for me this is what I enjoy.It makes such a difference from just siting there with a problem waiting for help.
  • all of it
  • Picasa, blogging, updating address books etc.
Q3. What could we have done better when delivering the course?
  • you could not have done anything any different i don't think anyway.
  • nothing its all been very interesting
  • Nothing,  all good!
  • As above, I had different expectations about what the course offered
  • I joined the class late in the year and so missed a lot of information from earlier, I suffer from lack of computer terminology, I don't know if it is covered in the beginning of the course or not.
  • as far as i am concerned nothing ,
  • Attended more classes...can we do an evening, or a Sat. morning class?
Q4. What subjects interest you for Term 4?
  • ebay.filling in forms and writing letters or as they are called e-mails. Maybe i had better do more on sending 1 photo at a time?
  • A review of Documents
  • just freeing up space on your computer
  • Revision of what we have covered so far?
  • Short cuts and terminology, where it used how its used
  • anything you want to teach me
  • More Blogging please
Q5. Would you recommend this course to others?
  • Yes
  • Yes
  • Yes
  • Yes
  • Yes
  • Yes
  • If person was interested in using computer fas a pass time.
  • Yes
  • Yes
  • Yes
Q5. Write here anything you'd like to add or say about class.
  • i love class it is good for me as i am learning so much and i am also game enough to try some on my own. thank you Nigel you are great at being our teacher.
  • It has been a pleasure to get to know the people that I have trained with and the teacher of course and we have learned a lot of things
  • Great fun, great teacher, great fellow students.
  • I know we are not attending these session to acquire certificates or accreditations, but I feel the more relaxed environment we generate may be because there's no pressure for certificates or maybe it's because we're old. I look forward to Thursday's classes because it is an easy learning environment.
  • it is a great class enjoyable and you can understand it .
  • This is such a fun class, interesting and informative, and a great social group as well!

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