Wednesday, 8 January 2020

How to Scan a Document with your HP 2620 Deskjet Printer Scanner

We come down and click on our HP smart app and we've got our document lying on top of the scanner with the lid down and we click on scan. We will then click on scan. So there it is scanned, we will come up to the edit button here, and we'll rotate with two clicks 1, 2 and then will apply. We've got PDF selected so it will be saved as a PDF document and then click on the Save button. We will pop it on the desktop I want just call that HP brochure and it will be saved as a PDF, in this case, to the desktop and we click on save. All we need to do, its here, HP Brochure, we just double click on it, and there we can see her our brochure scanned and we can download or print will do whatever we want to do with it.

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