Thursday, 4 October 2012

How to Screen Zoom

Have you ever noticed when you arrive at a website, such as this one, that it only takes up the middle section of the screen, Either side of the screen is empty. Not only that, the information itself is small, and hard to read.
Fortunately theres an easy fix. Its known as screen zoom, and this can be done quickly using keyboard shortcuts.

You can see the Control key on the lower left of your keyboard. You can also see the plus and minus keys across the top of you keyboard. They are the only keys we need to change the zoom.

Control + will zoom you in and make the text bigger.
Control - will zoom out and make the text smaller.

Hold the Control key down, then tap the plus or minus key depending on what you need. Keep tapping until the text is a comfortable size for you.

Now we can see how easy and quick it is to zoom in and out depending on whats comfortable.

  • Watch this video a few times if you need to.
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  • Thanks for watching.

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