Thursday, 21 June 2012

5 Benefits of using Microsoft Security Essentials

A lot of people ask me what Anti Virus I recommend. I now always recommend Microsoft Security Essentials, and here is why.

For many years I was a loyal Norton Symantec uses. I regularly paid my $100 annual subscription, I found their support services to be OK, and all was well with the world. But one thing that continued to bug me was how slow my computer became once the Norton product was loaded. My then computer got slower and slower. It was like asking an Olympic Marathon Athlete to run their event anethised. So productivity went out the window, to the degree of being farcical. 

The other thing about Norton Symantec is what I call Decision Burden. I was sick and tired of being asked to make decisions about this, that and the other. I've seen new computer users almost give up using computers all together because of the endless decisions required by Norton Symantec. This is not an exaggeration. 

When Microsoft came out with its Security Essentials package, the benefits that really caught my eyes were:
  1. It doesn't significantly slow my processor. "Hello this sounds interesting". 
  2. Benefit number two: its free. I can afford that. 
  3. Benefit number three, its runs in the background without requiring input from me, the user. 
  4. Benefit number four, its automatically updates itself every 8 hours. 
  5. Benefit number five: its a Microsoft product, not some half arsed software company with a strange name. 
This all stacked up nicely, so it was commit time. I've now been using Microsoft Security Essentials as my prime defense for 2 years now, and not a problem. Not one. Virus have been found and dealt with with a minimum of fuss. But the main thing, my PC started performing like race car. With the Norton product it ran like a lawn mower full of wet grass. 

Ive included a video which shows us how to firstly remove our existing Anti Virus. It then takes us through the steps to install Microsoft Security Essentials


  1. This was the exact thing I was looking for and you were right to the point.

    For the sake of other people who find this through Google I'm saving this page and plan to post my "review" in 2014, or somewhat sooner. In downloading this my family is using four separate anti-viruses: Norton, Avast, Mcafee, and now MS Sec Essentials.

    I promise I'll deliver so long as I don't loose my bookmark.

    1. Im glad the post was useful to you. Happy computing.