Wednesday, 14 September 2011

The Joy of Training Adults

I always feel very lucky to training older computer users how to get the best from their computer & the internet. In many its like working with young children. Their response to those "ah ha" moments is no different that a child finding its mouth for the first time and the ensuing pleasure.

Today we learnt how to set up a blog and contribute to it. The questions were great, and the outcomes very satisfying. Only difference I can see is that adults are able to quickly capitalise on their new found skills.

I think the discussion on Ad Sense opened eyes to potential future income. Its at moments like these that the implications for the spread of the internet and its impact on business via programs like Ad sense and we can see what a different world we live in.

The blog the group set up is a private one, and the content is all over the place. But hey, who cares. Theyre blogging and feeling confident of their skills. Ticks all round.

Signing off from a mild Healesville evening, Nigel.

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